Central Oklahoma Habitat Projects and Goals

Since the formation of our chapter in late 2005, Central Oklahoma 89ers Chapter has strived to look for those habitat projects and efforts that can most benefit quail - whether it be through direct donations to support the Oklahoma Wildlife Department's habitat projects, various game research foundations and organizations, education to the public and our youth programs to perpetuate future generations' habitat efforts or working with local landowners and private corporations. Click here to view how our chapter has spent the fundraising dollars that have been raised through our chapter fundraising efforts.

Did you know that just by creating 5 foot wide buffers strips along the edges of your property and fields can greatly enhance quail populations? Research has been started in other states that indicate that this method of habitat conservation effort can be one of the most significant things we can do to positively impact quail populations. Click here to read a research study regarding this topic.

If you own land, represent or work for an organization that deals with right of ways and habitat restoration and would like to make a difference for quail populations, please email us at info@centralokquailforever.org so that we can work with you!